Attendees and Authors

The goal of the conference format is to encourage constructive discussion of the presented papers and to actively engage the authors and attendees.

Conference Format

The program flow consists of three main phases:

  1. Short oral talks (day 1)
    Short, 5 minutes oral presentations without discussion, with all authors participating.  After each of the 6 sessions, attendees vote for two papers they would like to be presented and discussed at length on day 2.
  2. Poster sessions  (day 1)
    Discussion of the attendees with the authors.
  3. Long oral talks (day 2)
    Long,  15 minutes oral presentations including discussions of the papers selected by the attendees on day 1.


Instructions for Authors

Authors will need to prepare two oral presentations and a poster before coming to the conference:

  1. Five minutes oral presentation [all authors] – your goal is to convince the audience that they want to hear about your work at length.
  2. Poster presentation [all authors] – engage with attendees discussing your work at length. Maximal poster sizes are: height 120 cm, width 90 cm.
  3. 15 minutes oral presentation (plus 10 minutes for questions) [authors selected by attendees]. Presenters are kindly asked to minimize the overlap between the short and long presentations.

Note that there will be Best Presentation Awards selected by the audience.